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Love One Another


This angel painting was created for my sister, Kathleen. She asked if maybe I had a painting sitting around she could put up in the office at her new job. Since I give the pieces away, I didn’t have one on a back shelf, but I offered to make one for her.

Her next question: could I do an angel painting of her dog, Stella? Hmm. I suggested I could try including Stella, but wanted to incorporate a guide as well.


I used this picture of Stella after a rainy hike for inspiration.


The simplest, most basic mantra “Love One Another,” is a good reminder to everyone these days.


As usual, it is a mixed media piece with collage, paint, rubber stamping and oil pastels.



I love all the layers and texture.

I’m also really pleased how the angel wings create the look of a wing on Stella.


I think I would be comforted if a guide or angel made herself known to me and she was carrying a puppy.


Coming soon: a blue haired angel. Or maybe she’s a mermaid…

Thanks for the visit!

Here’s a bonus Stella picture, from her puppyhood.





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Share the love

A little post about love and chocolate. I love hearts and as you may have guessed I especially love Valentines.  Today I spent the afternoon with my sister Kathleen and her little sister Ariel making Valentine Tags.  They’ve been matched for about three years through Big Brothers Big Sisters and hang out together most Sundays.  This is our third year making Valentine’s together.  Ariel is Kathleen’s second “Little”.  Her first is a wonderful woman with three young kids and a great husband.  I think Kathleen’s influence on her life had something to do with how well her first match has turned out.

So – back to our Valentine crafting.  We had a LOT of supplies so it was a good thing we had a big table.

We could have been watching the Super Bowl but we’re not fans. Maybe we should have been outside enjoying the balmy day but we had the windows open to enjoy the sunshine and breezes.   And if we’d been out we may have missed it when a friend and neighbor, Deborah, stopped by with chocolate lollipops for us!

Chocolate Valentine Lolllipops

Deborah was inspired by the Barefoot Contessa and her recipe for White Chocolate Lollipops with dried cherries and cashews.  Instead of the white chocolate Deb used microwavable candy melts in dark cocoa  from Michaels and a combination of conversation hearts and cinnamon hearts. Yum!

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about romance, Hallmark cards and overpriced roses.  It can be about crafting with your sister. It can be a card for your teacher or the members of your swim team or choir.  It can be about chocolate lollipops for your neighbor.  You’ve still got time to make a batch of one or both.  Share the love.

Puppy Love - (Ariel's dog, Allie)

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