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Catching Up

Molly in Windowseat

Rem and I are at Sea Ranch enjoying post-holiday down time. Things get a little chaotic before the big day and in the days right before Christmas I was up early every morning and staying up late at night crafting and wrapping gifts and ornaments.

Our Christmas tree is lovely but putting a large tree in our small apartment means moving the dining table up against my craft desk and eating dinner on the bed. I worked on several craft projects at once, letting glue or paint dry on one while I decoupaged another. The art supplies covered both the table and desk and, as usual, I just kept working on top of the mess, letting my work area shrink down to the size of my hand instead of putting things away as I worked.

So here we are, spending some time with my mom in her vacation home, really relaxing and catching up on our rest.  It is wonderful having free time with no schedules or deadlines.  There are no streetlights outside the windows, no neighbors in apartments above or next door, hardly any traffic and the prevailing sound outside at night is the whoosh of the ocean. We come downstairs to the chilly bedroom after sitting by the wood burning stove in the living room. A soak in the hot tub under a star-filled sky then murmured conversation as we snuggle under a cozy down comforter and sink into deep sleep.

I have brought craft supplies along but without any deadline and with plenty of space, I don’t feel stressed to finish things, and better enjoy the creative process.  We’re heading back home tomorrow and I still have vacation time to enjoy more crafting and cooking.  Maybe I’ll even catch up on blogging.

Thank you for your visit.



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Annibirthary Getaway: Windsor & Sea Ranch

Rem & Di @ Sea Ranch

Rem and I are home from a lovely little vacation.  In the midst of a terrible drought we went on a very rainy week.  We need the rain and it was nice to see green hills instead of brown.

We celebrated our 15th anniversary and because of the rain, postponed our planned hot-air balloon flight.  We decided to go ahead with our plan to stay overnight in Windsor and enjoyed both lunch and dinner out in Healdsburg.

The rain put a bit of a damper on strolling around and window shopping but after lunch at Bear Republic Brewing Company,

Beer Sampler, Bear Republic

(Rem had one of their beer samplers), we did stop in here:

Diannes Estate Jewelry

Lovely items and they know how to spell Dianne!  Rem got me a sweet little music charm to add to my charm bracelet.

We stayed in the The Italian Country Cottage at Windrose Romantic Cottages in Windsor.

Italian Cottage

Cottage Sign

It was probably bigger than our apartment and with no noisy neighbors and a lovely and yes, romantic setting, it was a great start to the vacation.  In fact, we met our neighbor in the morning, an emu, one of eight on  the adjacent property.


The cottage included a full kitchen…

Cottage kitchen

A small, cozy living room with gas stove,

cottage living room

a spacious bedroom,

cottage bedroom

and though we didn’t have a bubble bath in the old-fashioned bathtub, we did very much enjoy a soak in the covered outdoor hot tub later.

indoor tub, cottage

We drove the 10 minutes back to Healdsburg in pouring rain for dinner at Baci.  In spite of the storm, the place was packed.  I had a delicious Risotto Frutti di Mare and Rem chose one of the daily specials: Ravioli with Beef Cheeks and Mushrooms, which he said was “very tender with good sauce.”  We shared an order of profiteroles which were yummy but not as good as the ones at Left Bank in Larskpur which come with a small pitcher of hot chocolate sauce.

Back down the freeway with our windshield wipers going like gangbusters to “our” cottage.  As the sign says, it really was the sweet life.

La Dolce Vita

The kitchen is stocked with a fruit and cheese platter for your arrival and waffle mix and a waffle iron, juice, fruit, coffee, cereal, etc. for the following morning.  Rem did the honors for breakfast, our anniversary, both fixing waffles and cleaning up.  After  a final trip to Healdsburg to the Oakville Grocery to pick up lunch to eat en route, we hit the road heading for Sea Ranch.

Sea Ranch was the usual delightful mix of doing very little, eating well and the occasional venture outdoors to see the local flora and fauna. I crafted and read, Rem did ham radio and played games on his iPhone.  We celebrated my birthday in very low-key style, cooking together (Rem did all the clean up, bless him) and I took a walk.

Sea Ranch House with Sheep

Some beautiful Sea Ranch architecture, blooming daffodils and the Sea Ranch sheep.

Sea Ranch Sheep by the sea

Lambs butting heads

Seals and high surf

Seals and high surf.



Sheep pen gate

View to the ocean

Wet grass

Birthday Selfie

A birthday selfie.


We were a little relieved that it was pouring today when we had to pack up and head home.  Sea Ranch has very changeable weather and often offers the most glorious weather the day you depart.

I’ll write more soon about a few of the recipes we tried and share some pictures of the crafting I did.

Thank you for stopping by.


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Long Sea Ranch Weekend

Beach through the Trees

Although we had a few days of really gorgeous weather when we went to Sea Ranch for the long Fourth of July weekend, I kept forgetting my camera when we went on walks.  I only remembered once the weather turned grey.

This mosaic is on a low wall by a gas station in the town of Gualala, just north of Sea Ranch.

Fish Mosaic

Here are some pictures from our weekend… with seals, Molly and Ariel.

Seals at Sea Ranch

Molly & Ariel at driftwood chapel

Shell Beach

Through the Trees

Molly starts a hole

Molly Digging


Silly Doggie

Ariel on the Beach

Ariel on the Rock

Running on the Beach

Thanks for stopping by.


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Lamba Ramma Ding Dong

I have more pictures of sheep and lambs at Sea Ranch to share.  These were taken March 1 through March 3, 2013.

Little Button Eyes

There are 200+ lambs at the moment.

Guess how many rams are involved?

  • 10
  • 2
  • 24
  • 16

(Answer at the end of the post)

Lamb looking

I love the mama and lambie in profile, below.

Like Mama Like Baby

Such a wee little lamb.

Tiny Little Lambie

They can really make a ruckus.  Here is a link to a very short video: Sea Ranch Sheep & Lambs


Any Chocolate Milk?

Another tiny young’un, lying in the sun.

Tiny Baby in the Sun


This sheep was chewing her cud and baaing, but I think she looks like she is chuckling at a good joke.

Mama with her Babes

Resting in the morning

Here is another short video – I love the little “meh” near the beginning: So many cute Sea Ranch Sheep & Lambs

Resting on Mama's Back


And, in case you missed these pictures from my previous post:

I love those little pink ears.

Little Lamb

This little sweetie looks like she was (he?) was dipped into a pot of black ink and only the tip of her tail and the top of her head are still white.

Baa baa black sheep

LIttle Lamb

You can see more about the herd at The Sea Ranch Sheep Facebook page.

Lamb on the hillside

The question: Just how many rams fathered all the lambs (200+) in the Sea Ranch herd?

The answer: 2!  I understand they would do the job in a week or so, given the chance, but they are not allowed to complete the task so quickly.  It is preferable not to have all the new lambs born at the same time.

Thanks, as always, for the visit.


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Sea Ranch in the Summer

It’s been over a year since my last trip to Sea Ranch.  My mom and I went up to the vacation home neither of us had been back to since my dad had been diagnosed with cancer last May.  It was an emotional trip but also comforting to be in this soothing, familiar place that is another home.  Mom wanted to return for her first time up there without Dad but she didn’t want to go alone.  My sister would be arriving a day after my mom  and I suggested I go along, following in my own car.  We would provide company for each other and I could help with Molly who, though she loves being at Sea Ranch, hates the ride up the twisty parts of Route 1.

We went through fog in Bodega Bay.   I usually visit in the early spring when the hills are green and dotted with cows, sheep and lambs and wild iris and other wild flowers are coming into bloom.  As we neared Sea Ranch, the fog cleared to a warm, sunny afternoon.  The summer landscape is tawny with golden-yellow meadows of dry grasses. Once we get to the house, we take a walk down the path to the bluff and beach.  On closer look I started to notice the different colors.

Soft purple flowers grow almost hidden in the edges of the meadow, lower than the surrounding grass.

These large, lacy clusters remind me of cauliflower but prettier with white and pale purple blossoms.

A wild rose is a spot of pink.

Thistle bloom in a rich magenta.

Unripe blackberries are an eye-catching red.

Deep-orange nasturtium grow up a fence.

A cluster of yellow flowers have a toe-hold in the rocky face of the bluffs.

A large group of harbor seals are resting on a beach. If you look carefully (or click on the photo for a closer look) , you can see a pelican is hanging out with them. This link has some great close-up shots of harbor seals at Sea Ranch.

It’s lovely being by the ocean and breathing in the salt air.

In our walks that afternoon and the following morning we saw several driftwood structures.

Playhouses for kids enjoying the Fourth of July holiday.

Or architectural artwork created by adults.

Seaweed marked the tide line.

Walk On Beach was wide and welcoming.

Molly found a rope of kelp to chew on.

Mom and Molly – a poignant reminder of my dad walking on the beach with Molly.

I love the variety of beautiful if subtle textures and colors the beach offers.

Although the sun is out and we’ve shed our sweatshirts, neither of us is interested in a dip in the ocean but this woman and her dog seemed to be enjoying themselves.

We climb the three flights of stairs from the beach to the bluff trail and head back to the house.  We catch our breath and look back at the beautiful beach and ocean.

A flock of pelicans is going the other direction.

Back at the house, Mom gave Molly a quick rinse and towel dry to get off the sand and salt water.

That afternoon I was back on the road, heading south and home.  I varied the route slightly by going up Meyers Grade – when I pulled off to take this picture of the fog coming off the ocean.  I’m looking down the coast towards the mouth of the Russian River  and Bodega Bay.

Across the road I saw my first ever Pirate Cow. Aaarrr! Moo.

One last shot of the road twisting down the hillside back to Highway One and then I turned my attention to my drive home after a short but satisfying visit to Sea Ranch.

Thanks for coming along.


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