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Readers’ Gallery

Here is a preview from my new Readers’ Gallery.  I only have a few photos now but I know some of you have made things inspired by projects or recipes you’ve seen here. If you came up with your own variation, that’s wonderful too.  I’d like to share it all.

Please send me your pictures and be a part of my Readers’ Gallery.

Click on the tab at the far right at the top of the page to see the gallery or click here.
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Love This Blog

My dear friend and wonderful crafter, Carson, at Blue Button Press has written a post today on her favorite things.  Her blog is one of my favorite things! Not only that, she’s holding a giveaway on Monday – so sign up for regular updates.

She also has an Etsy shop with beautiful, high quality, handmade paper goods for weddings and other celebrations and just correspondence.  Things like banners, place cards and greeting cards.  So if you want ideas, inspiration or you want to browse some lovely handcrafted goodies, please stop by.

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Take What You Need

I saw a flyer like this on Jean Steel’s Facebook page, Happy People Win Jean Steel.  After doing a little search, I found another Facebook page called Take What You Need Project. I really loved the idea and decided to make a handful of flyers and post them around the campus where I work.

It’s pretty simple: Make a sign.  Put it up. Take a photo. Go back later and take more photos. Share.

I made the Take What You Need part on my computer, printed it out and then wrote the needs along the bottom with a big Sharpie. I cut the bottom into strips for easy tearing off.  Then I took a walk and posted flyers in different places.

I like how this one looks amongst the other flyers. This kiosk has layers and layers of flyers.

This one is on an indoor office window.

I put one up on an outdoor column and when I came out of the building 15 minutes later, I found someone had already taken one of the needs!

They took what they needed: Love.

It is in a high-traffic spot.  I went back later in the day and more needs had been taken.

I was delighted to find people had been taking the things they needed!

Another location was getting some attention.  Someone had taken Faith and Hope.

This morning I went back to the popular one.

Everything was taken!  I’ll put up a replacement tomorrow.

I will be looking for new places to post flyers off campus.  Maybe on a telephone pole near my apartment .  I’m also trying to decide which needs to include, so I’m switching them around a bit.

I’ve made some special additions of the flyers for Valentine’s Day with hearts on pink paper.  I’ll put a batch of those up some time next week.

All the needs are Love.  Love is all you need.

Take what you need.  Share what you have.

Update:  I saw this note on one of the flyers.  It made me smile.

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