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Hidden Meadows Hike


My sister Kathleen and I took a hike we haven’t been on for quite awhile – we call it Hidden Meadows. We start by looping part way around Phoenix  Lake than head up Shaver Grade Fire Road and take the Hidden Meadows trail. This connects to the Yolanda Trail and eventually comes back down to Phoenix Lake Road.



Stella, Kathleen’s dachshund, is turning one. It wasn’t easy getting pictures of her standing still.



Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of Molly, but she had a good hike too.







Mt. Tam was hidden in fog, but it was still a beautiful hike with the green hills and wildflowers.

Thanks for the visit.


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Reward – First Bloom


Just a day after the last post, the first little bud blossomed into this sweet mini-daffodil.  More green tips are pushing through the dirt and I expect another bud to bloom any day.

I tried to blur out some of the ugly background (chain link fence, etc.) because when I look at the flower, that’s all I see.  It is difficult to find an angle that doesn’t show the fence.

Thanks for stopping by.

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We planted two planter boxes with a mix of spring bulbs.  I read an article about planting bulbs in containers in layers, based on when they bloom.  We planted pretty late (early January) but the bulbs have sprouted and now some have buds.


It’s fun waiting and watching.  If all goes well, we’ll have flowers throughout spring.

We planted crocus, daffodils, tulips, and iris.

I’ll update again.

Thanks for coming by.

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Spring Wreath

Spring Wreath

Once again I’ve been doing some curating and reorganizing of my craft supplies.  Things that made it through previous clean-ups but have remained untouched since, needed to be pulled from drawers and redistributed.  Stuff that I “might use someday” needed to make room for the stuff I’m using now!

I haven’t completed the project, but I did give away a bin of stuff I wasn’t using to a friend who volunteers doing art projects with kids. Little-used stamp sets went to friends who are grade school teachers who will use them in their classrooms.  It feels great to give things to someone who will use and enjoy them.

I’m constantly acquiring supplies.  Either I go to paper or art supply stores, or a craft class and pick up some of this and some of that for the project we’re doing in class or I’m working on something specific and need just the right (fill in the blank: fabric, glitter, paint, etc.).  Once the project is over, I’m left with pom poms or pipe cleaners or the end of a pack of paper in a color or design I don’t really like.

However, cleaning and re-organizing aren’t the same as crafting.  I needed to set aside that job and make something!

I unearthed colorful cotton and felt fabric left over from a fun Christmas project.   I created a bunch of flowers out of felt.  I made a template and used chalk to trace the shape onto different colors of felt.  This was very similar to making the Felt Shamrock Garland I just made for St. Patrick’s Day.

Pink Flower

I used some small pieces of felt to make flower centers.    Some green felt made leaves and stems, and buttons finished off each flower  I stuck the pieces together with Aileen’s tacky glue, a Tombow adhesive tape runner, and sticky glue dots.  The Tombow proved to be more frustrating than helpful.


My original plan was to hang this on the door like the St. Patrick’s Day garland.  But shamrocks made out of felt look the same on either side and the flowers didn’t. So, borrowing another idea from another recent holiday door decor project, I bent a wire coat hanger into a circle, then used strips of printed green cotton fabric to wrap the flower garland onto the wire hanger!

Green Fabric with buttons

I knotted the fabric at the top of the coat hanger, right under the hook then wrapped a few times around the wire before wrapping on either side of the flower garland.  In between each flower, I would wrap the wire.  When I got to the end of a fabric strip, I would just tie a knot to attach the next strip.

Knotted fabric on back

This is the back of the wreath and you can see the knot is hidden by the flowers.

I made this in steps over a few evenings and didn’t spend that much time on it.  I wanted something cheerful on the door and this was a fun little project.

Thank you for stopping by.

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Happy Spring!

Plum Blossoms

I pulled myself away from my desk to walk around the campus and enjoy the first day of spring.

My office


Little purple flower

Pink Flowers

Rooftop Meadow

This meadow of wildflowers in on the roof garden of the Fine Art building.

Blue flowers

Strawberry Plant

Our building has a roof garden too but it isn’t doing as well.  There are some flowers but less color and greenery.

Bee in Rosemary Blossom

A huge patch of rosemary is in bloom and it’s buzzing with bees.

Pink Toesies & Green Grass

I’m very grateful it is warm enough to be wearing sandals.


I tried to think “Spring” when I got dressed this morning: pale pink embellished sweater, aqua print top, freshwater pearls.

It was hard getting back to work, so I decided to give you a little tour of the inside of my office.

Perpetual Calendar

Calendar #1 is on my desk. A gift from my friend, Nicole, I think of her every morning when I change the day and date.

Paper Source Calendar

Calendar #2 is on the wall behind me.  It is from Paper Source and has wonderful artwork plus templates on the back of each month to recycle it into folders, cards and gift boxes when you finish using as a calendar.

Bird Tile Art

My friend Shook gave me this picture.  It goes beautifully with the perpetual calendar.  I love the color scheme, the bird and the collage-like layers.

The bulletin board

Special notes and cards from special people around me.  A feather that reminds me of my dad.

View out my window

One more peek at the view (looking out to the “orbit court”) before getting back to work.

Thank you for your visit.


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Mother’s Day Butterfly Card

Mother’s Day is the second Sunday in May, which this year will be May 13.  I think flowers are always wonderful for Mom and this pretty card has flowers and a pop-up butterfly.  The butterfly is made of vellum. Only one wing is glued down to the paper so the other wing is free.  It looks beautiful, and though it does take some cutting of small pieces it really isn’t hard.

Flowers are either cut from flower-patterned paper or stamped and cut out.  Colored card stock is the base of the card with a piece of white so your colorful flowers and butterfly will stand out. Blossoms are arranged in one corner of the card with a few on pop-up dots for depth. The vellum butterfly is stamped or traced, colored and cut out then put into place fluttering over the flowers.  Accent the card with a ribbon and perhaps some glitter or gems.

Mother’s Day Butterfly Card


Vellum Paper I use 17 lb. letter weight  (Stampin’ Up)

Butterfly Rubber Stamp


Butterfly Image that can be traced onto the vellum

Ink I use both ink pads and colored markers

Card Stock white and colors

Printed Paper with Flower Design


Flower Rubber Stamp


Double-Sided Adhesive (My favorite is Tombo permanent)


Pop-Up Dots (optional)

Optional Embellishments:

Glitter and Glue Pen

Self-Adhesive Gems or Pearls

Small Hole Punch for Dianne Dots


Stamp butterfly on vellum.  If stamp design is mainly an outline I stamp in black or other dark ink.  If the stamp has a more filled-in design I use colored markers to color directly on to stamp.  If you do this, be sure to breathe a huff of breath onto the stamp to moisten the ink before stamping. (I tried to get a picture of this for you but it just looked like I was going to eat the rubber stamp!)

If you don’t have a butterfly stamp, you can print a butterfly image and trace it.  Put the vellum over the image and trace the main lines.

Color the butterfly image.  I think it looks best if you color both sides of the vellum.  I like using some lighter colored markers for  at least part of the wing so that light will still show through.

Carefully cut out the butterfly.  Some of these pictures show both antennae with the vellum cut out around them.  I decided it looked better to draw the antenna onto the card on the side that is glued down.  Figure out which way the butterfly will be placed on the finished card. Cut around the other antenna leaving a small margin of vellum.

A little glitter is a nice embellishment and with a glue pen is easy to add.  Put glitter on the sides of the wings that will face out – in other words, on the wing that will be adhered to the card, put glitter on the top or inside of the wing and on the free wing put glitter on the bottom or outside of the wing.

Once your butterfly is complete, you can create your garden.  If using flower-printed paper, cut out flowers.

If you are using flower rubber stamps you can stamp and cut out the images or stamp some directly on the white card stock and then stamp a few more flowers and leaves on a piece of scrap paper, cut them out and layer them with the others using pop-up adhesive dots.  Add pearls or other gems as desired.

Assemble your flowers in the lower right corner of the piece of white card stock, putting some blossoms on with pop-up dots for dimension.  Add a piece of ribbon (or washi tape) across the bottom, a little ways up from the edge, gluing the ends of the ribbon to the back. Layer the white card stock onto a mat of colored card stock and layer that onto the card.

Fold the vellum butterfly in half. Using double-sided adhesive, coat one wing of the butterfly and stick it in place.  Open the wings and draw the missing antenna onto the white card stock. Fold it back up so it is partially open, ready to alight on a flower.

Finish your card with a greeting inside and your signature on the back.

I’m not sure if the following is really an Irish blessing but it is a sweet sentiment:

May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun.

And find your shoulder to light on.

To bring you luck, happiness and riches.

Today, tomorrow and beyond.

A small version of this card is simply a butterfly accented with Dianne Dots (a trio of paper dots made using a small hole punch, glued on with a glue pen).

It made a nice gift card for my sister’s birthday.

A very Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom and to all mom’s.

Thanks for fluttering by.


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A Taste of Spring

Daffodils are linked in my mind with my birthday and the arrival of spring.  This year I visited Filoli in hopes of seeing the Daffodil Meadow in bloom.  I was not disappointed.

Daffodils were in lavish supply.

I’ve written more about my birthday this year here and have pictures of a past visit to Filoli here. I wish I could share the soft scented air and bird song that enhanced my visit.

Thank you for stopping by.


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Spring at Filoli

Fight for a just cause; Love your fellow man; Live a good life.” Filoli, in Woodside, California, was named after the credo of William Bowers Bourn, the original owner. This 654 acre estate, about 30 miles south of San Francisco, is open to the public (for a fee) with a 16 acre formal garden.  I took a day off work Wednesday to visit Filoli with a friend and stroll through the grounds soaking up a big dose of springtime blooms and beauty.


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