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Past Projects: Cards and Little Foil Tape Houses


Just after Christmas, Rem and I went up to Sea Ranch with my mom. Although I planned a marathon of crafting and bought a bunch of supplies, the actual crafting that took place was more modest in scope. Sitting and gazing out the window interrupted by the occasional nap seemed to be the best use of my time.

I did manage to create a batch of cards, making sets of similar cards with variations in the paper and stamps.


I make cards for my mom that she can use whenever the occasion calls for it. I try to give her some cards that will work for guys – with a color scheme or designs that aren’t too frilly or feminine.


Several of the cards had illustrations from a vintage style alphabet poster, printed on scrapbook paper. The picture below was for “W – wave.”


This “Wish” card is one of my favorites.


I made these cards before the end of last year and it has taken me a month to post them! Since I’m catching up, here’s another project from last year.


These little houses were primarily made as Christmas ornaments, but with a pin-back glued on the back, they were also very cute on a lapel. Made from thin cardboard recycled from cereal and cookie boxes, they’re covered with aluminum foil duct tape and copper tape (used to repel snails in the garden) – two great craft supplies from the hardware store.

These ones were made at a holiday party on the campus where I work, that included a few craft tables. I brought the supplies and gave a hand if needed.  A little something layered under the foil tape, or covered with the copper tape and glued to the front of the houses adds interest.  I also like to press tape over corrugated cardboard for the roof.  The tip of your finger is a great tool to start, but for getting all the details, I used a bone folder.


You can find directions here at Mich L. in L.A.

They are also quite similar to these projects: Pumpkins, Charms, and Leaves.

Thank you for your visit.




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Day 28: collage sand gild stamp

Collage Sand Gild Stamp

Day 28: Collage Sand Gild Stamp.

I’m really pleased with this spread.  It’s late and I’m tired, but I love how it turned out.

We went to the Exploratorium today, Rem, my mom and I.  It is a huge, hands-on museum that we could not possibly absorb in one visit.

The obligatory photo opportunity at the clever Toilet Fountain:

Toilet Fountain

Black light.  Mom and I both wore black and white striped t’s.

Black Light

Tidal tubing – shows the level of the tide for every hour.

Tidal Tubes

When I saw THIS piece, I knew it would inspire my entry for today.  It is SO wonderful.  I am so sorry not to have the name of the artist.

Grid Sign

It was in the Tinkering Studio which has supplies and project you can do on the spot.  I didn’t want to spend 30 minutes there on a project, but I brought home instructions on doing paper circuits with copper tape, tiny surface mount LEDs and coin cell batteries.  Very interesting!

So, all I needed to do was make my small Art Journal version of the sign. But we still had a lot more to see at the museum.


Plastic hanger chandelier.

Hanger Chandelier


Colored Lights

Multiple Shadows.

Rem & Shadows

The Fog Bridge was lovely and cool on this hot, sunny day.

Fog Bridge

After lunch at the Ferry Building Marketplace and the ferry back to Larkspur, I ended up succumbing to a nap.

Finally, I started my journal pages. First I had to figure out the size and number of squares, then what words I would use, then I started cutting,






and painting.


And now it is done and way past time for bed.

collage knot tear

stamp paint embellish

Here is what I came up with a year ago on Day 28: Rem and I collaborated on a Video showing Marbleized Paper.

The year before that it was: Bottle Cap Necklace, another collaboration because Rem snagged the caps for me.

As always, thanks for checking out my blog!


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Message Tape from Oh, Hello Friend

I saw a link to this message tape on a friend’s Facebook page and immediately followed the link to Oh, Hello Friend to enter their message tape giveaway.  I didn’t win free tape but ordered some for myself.  How could I resist?

Message Tape

It’s masking tape printed with different messages..  I love it!

I also added a bread wrapper tab (above, on end of heart printed tape roll) to save the end of the tape.  I saw that on Facebook too, along with a bunch of other tips which you can see here.

I used several pieces on a bottle of wine Rem and I were giving my mom for Mother’s Day.

Wine Bottle with Message Tape

Along with the card I made for her.

Mother's Day card & wine

It’s always fun getting crafting supplies in the mail, especially when they have little bonus items (I got some fabric tape and a pencil with “be productive” printed on it) and pretty packaging.

Look at this great saying printed on the back of Oh, Hello Friend’s business card:

Never Let Failure

That’s worth remembering!

The stack of different tape had a cord wrapped around it with this tag attached at the top:

You Are Awesome

Also really worth remembering.

I was so pleased using the tape for the first time on the Mother’s Day wine bottle.

Business Card OHF

Thanks for the visit.  While you’re online, why not take a look at Oh, Hello Friend and see what they’re up to?  I’m not at all affiliated with them – I just think they have some pretty cool stuff.

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Easter Ideas

Egg Shape Chocolate

Beautiful soap mold used for Chocolate Nutella Fudge – pretty and delicious for Easter.

Filling Blue Egg

Basket of Eggs


Crack-Me Eggs: blown eggs, dyed, filled with candy.  Crack open to get the goodies.

Washi Tape Easter Egg

Quick and easy Washi Tape Easter Eggs: cover blown eggs (or kraft paper eggs) with torn pieces of washi tape.

Muffin Cup Quiche

Muffin Cup Quiche will use up some eggs (if you’ve been blowing eggs to decorate the shells).  They’re also delicious!

Beautiful Hat Card

I designed this hat-shaped card with paper roses for Mother’s Day but wouldn’t it be a lovely Easter Bonnet?

Thank you for stopping by.


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love & hugs

Home is Where the Heart Is

I’ve been up to my eyebrows in valentines.  I no longer send Christmas cards but I do like to give out a bunch of valentines.  I make some for the women in my choir, a batch for family members, and a pile to give to colleagues at the community college where I work.  I also do a Valentine project and a card for my sweetie (2013 project photos coming soon). For all the hearts I’ve punched and beautiful greetings I’ve embossed, I am a bit red-faced that I didn’t do a better job of sharing much of that process with you!

In past years I would come up with one design and make multiple cards.

Itty Bitty Valentine's

Masterboard Valentine Tags

A few years ago I made heart-shaped crayons that were a part of my valentines.

Crayon Hearts

It’s a good way to do lots of cards – production line style.  But sometimes by the time I made all my valentines, I was really tired of the design.

This year I did some multiples but I also did lots of variety.  I looked in my supplies and found some unused envelopes in different sizes and I also bought some small envelopes from Paper Source.  Then I started crafting different cards to fit in the different-sized envelopes. I showed some of the cards in these posts.

I made great use of my heart-shaped punches, washi tape was on many cards, I embossed greetings in gold or silver and I embellished with dots, buttons, jewels and charms. Here are a few of the valentines I made:

Script Love

love button

Big Red Paper Strip Heart love


I also lined the envelopes for many of the cards – it’s easy to do and adds a lovely touch to the finished valentine.

Lined Envelopes

Coordinate Card w/  Envelope

Almost all of my valentines were created with pink, grey, white and turquoise paper but I did one that was completely unique: a green valentine for my friend who loves green.  Thanks for sharing this picture, Shook. 

Green Valentine

What I didn’t do was my blog –  only one post before this for February!  So here are my belated best wishes, love & hugs to you all.

love & hugs


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Patchwork Quilt Card

Phil and Tedra were having a country wedding at her grandparents farm in Oregon. I didn’t make it to the wedding but I wanted to send a special card.  I’ve know Phil since he was a wee lad and can hardly believe he was getting married, but it was true.

My current favorite card size is 5.5 inches square.  I make an envelope that is 5.75 inches square with a template from Paper Source.

For this card I didn’t know much about the ceremony but the invitation included a sketch of the wedding location that reminded of the charming map sketch of the “Hundred Acre Wood” by E.H. Shepard in Winnie-the-Pooh. I decided a country patchwork quilt was what I wanted to create.

I sorted through my printed papers and picked out pieces that fit my theme.  I picked some because the pattern looked vintage or country (red gingham, sunflower seed packet, cowboy boots) or they just seemed right for a patchwork quilt. I spent a lot of time on this part of the process.  As I often do when crafting a card for a loved one, I thought of Phil.  I haven’t really been in his life much since he was a kid but it was It was fun going through my paper and looking for designs I thought might work.

A piece of old map was in one corner, nearly hidden by my embellishment.  I made a little tag with “love” stamped on it, a small patchwork heart and added a key charm and tied them all together with a piece of natural hemp twine.  An old shirt button accented another square.

I had an old topographical map that I used to make the envelope. A bit of collage on the front included a scrap of sheet music over-stamped with the definition of love. I added a piece of washi tape and an old postage stamp.

I included a large, beautiful image of a Great White Heron from a greeting card of a painting by Tim Brody.

Another bird in the lower right corner added to the envelope decoration – this one carrying a heart and my love.

A quilt, a key, maps, music, the definition of love.  Yes, I think I got everything into it that I wanted.

Congratulations to Phil and Tedra.


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Day 5: Tape Dispenser Before & After

I saw this, where else, on Pinterest.  I knew I would need some quick and easy projects for 30DoC and this is exactly that: quick and easy!  Helena on Craft and Creativity did it beautifully and, by the way, has a wonderful site that you should check out.

Tape Dispenser Before

Tape Dispenser During

Tape Dispenser After

Day 5 project from 2011: Shrinky Dink Rings.

Have a great day and thanks for making my blog a part of it.


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