Photo Album: Mom’s 80th Birthday


We celebrated my mom’s 80th birthday last weekend.  Her birthday was actually in July but this was when all her kids could be there for the event.

Mom & Grandkids

All the grandkids were there too.

Before the event, I made a batch of invitations. I photocopied this sweet old photograph of my mom to put on the front.


Each card was a little different from the next.


The party was for lunch and after considering different ideas, we ended up having it at my mom’s house (at her suggestion).

Various family members assisted and I organized the party. We decorated with paper lanterns and flowers from the farmer’s market.




Nestled in the arrangements were naked ladies, or pink Amaryllis Belladonna, flowers that my dad always loved, if only because it amused him to say naked ladies!

Here’s some naked ladies outdoors.


The day was sunny and warm but not terribly hot not like the weekend before.

Michael and Suresa.


Victoria and Caitlin, both wearing giant hoop earrings.


Robert and Leah.


Mom and Sarah.


After lunch we had dessert: Kathleen brought angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream.


Leah made lemon bars from Smitten Kitchen.


I made brownies from the Commonsense Kitchen Cookbook to round out a trio of delicious desserts.


Victoria, Jake and Chelsea.


Caitlin, Cooper and Sarah.


Molly and Mom.


It was really a big, extended family party.


Gianna with Stella.


Stella wasn’t the only one that was tired at the end of the festivities.


Mom and I share an ottoman as we both put our feet up.


Thanks to everyone for being a part of this special day.

Thanks for stopping by.





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Photo Album: Jake & Chelsea’s Wedding


My nephew, Jake, and his bride, Chelsea, just after their wedding.

Here’s a little album from this special occasion on the first of August.


I just have to say that it really doesn’t seem that long ago that Jake was a little toddler! Here he is, all grown up,  before the ceremony.


One of Jake’s cousins, my niece, Caitlin.


My sister, and Caitlin’s mom, Sarah.


Victoria, mother-of-the-groom, with friends, Sam, and best man, Stu.

Sam & Nancy

My mom, Nancy, grandmother of the groom, being escorted to her seat by Jake’s younger brother, Sam.

Beau & Pamela coming in

My brother, Beau, father-of-the-groom, with his fiancee, Pamela.

Jake & Vic 1

Jake escorts his mom to her seat.


Here comes the bride!




I think Jake’s got hands like my dad, his grandpa David.


The minister forgot about the rings and almost completed the ceremony without them before several people reminded him and we all had a little laugh.


Jake & Chelsea recess


Faw Family

Family Faw (though a few people are hiding in this picture and one brother and his family didn’t make it out from NY).


Two of my nieces, Miriam and Caitlin, look like Amazon warriors next to their uncle Beau.


I think my mom looks beautiful with her eldest grandson.  The wedding was just a few days after her 80th birthday.




My niece, Leah.


Rem and I.



My sister Kathleen with her little sister Ariel.


Card I made for Chelsea & Jake.


Although the quality of some of the photos is not great, I want to share this event with you. Thank you to Dana for allowing me to share some of her photos as well.

Thanks for the visit.  Congratulations to the newlyweds.






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Rosie Rally Rocked!


We did it! I joined over 1,000 fabulous women today at a Rosie Rally in Richmond.  It was record-breaking in more ways than one: we broke a previous record for the greatest number of women of all ages dressed as Rosie and it was (or at least seemed like) the hottest day of the year.


I got into the details, including my polka-dotted accent nail to go with the polka-dot scarf.  Since this was a Guinness World Record attempt, there was a pretty specific dress code.

The rules specified “black or brown work boots or work shoes,” (I polished up my hiking boots).


We were also required to wear

  • Dark blue long-sleeve workers coveralls, OR long-sleeve dark blue collared shirt and dark blue pants, OR very dark blue jeans (not faded). Long sleeves must be rolled up like the classic image.
  • Red socks that cover calves (pants must be rolled up to reveal socks).
  • Red bandana with approximately 1″ diameter white polka-dots (hair should be pinned up, not down or in a ponytail).IMG_0166-001

Because I dressed as Rosie the Riveter for Halloween a few years ago, I had most of my outfit ready to go, including a great Rosie name patch and a We Can Do It sign (thank you Alice and Shook).


Getting to the event didn’t quite go as planned. I left later than I thought I would and with very hot, smoggy/smokey weather and unclear information about parking, I was grateful that my friend Nicole had offered to let me park at her place and drop me off at the event. She and Rem averted a Rosie meltdown.

My niece Leah, another Rosie fan and Halloween Rosie, was at the site ahead of me, looking rosy and wonderful.


She brought along the little Rosie that I made for her as a Christmas ornament.

It was really fun being in such a large crowd of women dressed alike. Rosie’s were checking in, taking pictures, dancing, and enjoying picnics. There was a sea of red polka dot scarves.





There were Rosie’s of all ages.




And even a few canine Rosie’s (though I don’t think they were counted for the record).



I loved all the little Rosebuds.


The Swingin’ Blue Stars of the USS Hornet performed great World War II classics like Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree, Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy and Rum & Coca-Cola


Which got a Rosie conga line going.


We were finally directed to an enclosed area for the official attempt. As we filed under an awning, two people with counters were clicking away, counting all the costumed participants.



Rosie supporters were on the outside taking photos.


A handful of speakers welcomed everyone, thanked the participants and introduced some real Rosie’s, including 95 year old Elinor Otto, whose grandson said she worked until 2014 when the plant where she worked closed!


A Rosie sculpture was unveiled.


A drone buzzed over the gathering while we waited for the official Guinness World Record attempt.


We learned that we during this part of the program, we must all stay in full costume and stay in the roped off area for five minutes. Monitors stationed around the perimeter would note anyone not in compliance when the numbers were being tallied.

In the heat some people had peeled off layers of their costumes but everyone got suited up and the clock started ticking. We didn’t hear the number right away but later they announced an unverified number of 1,083 (I saw 1,084 on the Facebook page).  The previous record was 778 so even if our number goes down a bit, WE DID IT!


Leah and I strolled around a bit. We saw a few more of the original Rosie’s.




More adorable little Rosies.


We decided we didn’t need to take a picture in front of this background.


Because we didn’t really want to wait in line.


Three generations of Rosies.


It was a great event and in spite of the heat, everyone seemed to have a great afternoon.

Getting into the shade, getting out of the long sleeves and digging into some snacks was a great way to wrap things up.


One last rockin’ pair of Rosie’s.


Thanks for the visit.  Thanks also to Melinda for letting me know about it, the organizers for a well-run event and all the Rosies who participated with creativity, patience and a lot of spirit.


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BONUS Day 31: 30 Day Journal


“Water is the softest thing, yet it can penetrate mountains and earth. This shows clearly the principle of softness overcoming hardness.”   ~ Lao Tzu

Today, for some reason, when I thought of this #30DayJournal and the theme of FLOW, I didn’t think of water or a river. I thought of honey flowing.


After that, the phrase “Life is Sweet” popped into my head and although our prompts steered us in the direction of letting go of hardness or letting in softness and gentleness, I was focused on life’s sweetness.


Imagine if this was honey dripping on the page and you could just swipe a finger through it and taste the sweetness.

Tomorrow, my nephew Jake and his fiancee, Chelsea, are getting married. He is the first of my parents’ grandchildren to get married and I know in the midst of this celebration, there will be an ache of sadness that Papa isn’t here to witness it.


But, even with this, I believe there will be enough joy and love flowing to ease that ache.


My mom just had her 80th birthday and we’ll be celebrating that event in a few weeks. Lest you get the wrong mental image of this grandmother-of-six let me share a few details: she is active, well read and she does yoga weekly and stretches daily, she walks her dog Molly six days a week, will be retiring for the third (and final) time in about a month, and will be wearing red patent leather pumps with her chic sheath dress at her grandsons wedding tomorrow.


There is so much to celebrate, including the completion of this project!


I will be returning to my craft desk tomorrow to create a wedding card, but I’m going to catch my breath and catch up on a few other things in my life, including getting enough sleep!


Thank you.


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Day 30: 30 Day Journal Project


“The creative force flows over the terrain of our psyches looking for the natural hollows, the arroyos, the channels that exist in us.  We become its tributaries, its basins; we are its pools, ponds, streams, and sanctuaries.

The wild creative force flows into whatever beds we have, those we are born with as well as those we dig with our own hands. We don’t have to fill them, we only have to build them.”  ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estés


The prompts for Day 30 are:

  • My wild creative force looks like…
  • My wild creative force feels like…
  • My wild creative force is asking me to…
  • My wild creative force wants me to experience…


In my journaling, I wrote that my wild creative force doesn’t feel that wild. I feel as if I have a persistent, deeply-rooted creative force, and maybe that’s pretty much the same thing.


What came up for me is that I want to take a class, probably in water color, and learn more about how to do it. I’ve been fooling around with paint but I think I would enjoy getting some basic skills with this medium.


I was working on my page and Rem was in the kitchen and I asked him “What is my wild creative force telling me?” His immediate answer was “Be awesome.”  Yep, I think he’s right!

Maybe brightly colored tiles, cut from paint chips, don’t look that wild, but not only was I inspired by the tile wall behind the dancers and musicians,


I had a beautiful mosaic staircase in San Francisco in mind.


I used light molding paste mixed with some water with watercolor crayons as the grout between these little tiles.


Although this has been billed as the #30DayJournal, we have a bonus day! So there is ONE MORE PAGE, and more accurately could be called the 31 Day Journal Project.


After the 31st page, I’d like to let my Wild Creative Force get some rest. Perhaps I can let my Wild Physical Force out to play and catch up on a few walks that have been cancelled while creating pages, photos and posts.


Thank you so much for your views and comments.

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Day 29: 30 Day Journal Project


“Row, row, row your boat. Gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily. Life is but a dream.”  ~ Nursery Rhyme

My dreams, or the ones I remember, are either mundane scenes of everyday life, or stressful, complicated dreams in which I’m trying to get somewhere or do something but I have to keep moving from room to room, and place to place in confusion. With the boring ones I sometimes pause when I wake up and think “now was that a dream, or was that something that happened yesterday?”  But I will sometimes wake up with my heart pounding after the anxious ones.

In this page I wanted to convey layers of early sleep and falling into dreaming. This is not one of my ordinary dreams, nor my stress dreams. Instead it is a fantasy dream.


First, you close your eyes, relaxing into your pillow. It is night but the sky is bright with stars and a full moon is overhead.

[Hubble Telescope photo of outer space. National Geographic photo]


A wave of tiredness carries you into sleep. You start to dream.

[Ocean waves from surfing article. National Geographic]


A zebra appears.


But it doesn’t seem strange to see a zebra in San Francisco.  The moon is visible behind the Transamerica Pyramid.

[Zebra in front of Transamerica Pyramid picture scanned from cover of textbook]


You notice you are in a boat floating, gently, on sparkly pink clouds.

[Vanity Fair photo]


A large bunch of balloons bobs along behind the boat.

[Vanity Fair photo]


Your shoulder is cold, so you tug on the covers, burrowing into the warm nest of sheets, floating gently back into your dream.


Or was that life? Is life a dream?

Thanks for coming on by. Go gently, dream sweetly.

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Day 28: 30 Day Journal


“We are all thinking, willing, knowing, conscious centers of Life.

We are surrounded by, immersed in, and there is flowing through us a creative something… call it what you will.” ~ Ernest Holmes

It was a hot day yesterday and our apartment was pretty warm when I started to work on this. I often manage to start journaling or maybe pick out some images before work and spend some time on the project during my lunch break. I had some images but lunch came and went and nothing went in the journal.


After dinner, I sat down at my desk. With a fan wafting a faint breeze I reviewed the magazine pages I’d pulled out in the morning and reached instead for watercolor paint and Neocolor watercolor crayons and went at it.


Section by section I created a vibrant heart with drips and splatters of paint spreading outwards from it. Some drips start at the edge of the page and move inward to the heart.


Around 9:00 I had made good progress. Rem and I left for a drive, wanting to get out of the stuffy apartment.


An hour, one ice cream cone (each) and 6 degrees cooler later, we returned and I sat down to finish my page.


I added the lyrics from a song by Tina Greene, from the Threshold Choir repertoire:

In this moment, I open my heart. In this moment, I open my heart.

And receive all the love, that’s always surrounding me.

In this moment, I open my heart.


For Day 28 of this #30DayJournal project, this was my journaling, this was my page.


Thank you for your visit.


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