Rosie Rally Rocked!


We did it! I joined over 1,000 fabulous women today at a Rosie Rally in Richmond.  It was record-breaking in more ways than one: we broke a previous record for the greatest number of women of all ages dressed as Rosie and it was (or at least seemed like) the hottest day of the year.


I got into the details, including my polka-dotted accent nail to go with the polka-dot scarf.  Since this was a Guinness World Record attempt, there was a pretty specific dress code.

The rules specified “black or brown work boots or work shoes,” (I polished up my hiking boots).


We were also required to wear

  • Dark blue long-sleeve workers coveralls, OR long-sleeve dark blue collared shirt and dark blue pants, OR very dark blue jeans (not faded). Long sleeves must be rolled up like the classic image.
  • Red socks that cover calves (pants must be rolled up to reveal socks).
  • Red bandana with approximately 1″ diameter white polka-dots (hair should be pinned up, not down or in a ponytail).IMG_0166-001

Because I dressed as Rosie the Riveter for Halloween a few years ago, I had most of my outfit ready to go, including a great Rosie name patch and a We Can Do It sign (thank you Alice and Shook).


Getting to the event didn’t quite go as planned. I left later than I thought I would and with very hot, smoggy/smokey weather and unclear information about parking, I was grateful that my friend Nicole had offered to let me park at her place and drop me off at the event. She and Rem averted a Rosie meltdown.

My niece Leah, another Rosie fan and Halloween Rosie, was at the site ahead of me, looking rosy and wonderful.


She brought along the little Rosie that I made for her as a Christmas ornament.

It was really fun being in such a large crowd of women dressed alike. Rosie’s were checking in, taking pictures, dancing, and enjoying picnics. There was a sea of red polka dot scarves.





There were Rosie’s of all ages.




And even a few canine Rosie’s (though I don’t think they were counted for the record).



I loved all the little Rosebuds.


The Swingin’ Blue Stars of the USS Hornet performed great World War II classics like Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree, Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy and Rum & Coca-Cola


Which got a Rosie conga line going.


We were finally directed to an enclosed area for the official attempt. As we filed under an awning, two people with counters were clicking away, counting all the costumed participants.



Rosie supporters were on the outside taking photos.


A handful of speakers welcomed everyone, thanked the participants and introduced some real Rosie’s, including 95 year old Elinor Otto, whose grandson said she worked until 2014 when the plant where she worked closed!


A Rosie sculpture was unveiled.


A drone buzzed over the gathering while we waited for the official Guinness World Record attempt.


We learned that we during this part of the program, we must all stay in full costume and stay in the roped off area for five minutes. Monitors stationed around the perimeter would note anyone not in compliance when the numbers were being tallied.

In the heat some people had peeled off layers of their costumes but everyone got suited up and the clock started ticking. We didn’t hear the number right away but later they announced an unverified number of 1,083 (I saw 1,084 on the Facebook page).  The previous record was 778 so even if our number goes down a bit, WE DID IT!


Leah and I strolled around a bit. We saw a few more of the original Rosie’s.




More adorable little Rosies.


We decided we didn’t need to take a picture in front of this background.


Because we didn’t really want to wait in line.


Three generations of Rosies.


It was a great event and in spite of the heat, everyone seemed to have a great afternoon.

Getting into the shade, getting out of the long sleeves and digging into some snacks was a great way to wrap things up.


One last rockin’ pair of Rosie’s.


Thanks for the visit.  Thanks also to Melinda for letting me know about it, the organizers for a well-run event and all the Rosies who participated with creativity, patience and a lot of spirit.


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8 responses to “Rosie Rally Rocked!

  1. Diane Miller

    Haha I love it!! Had it been a contest….I think you woulda won for the best look alike😀

  2. Wonderful celebration of those fantastic women.

  3. Nicole

    Wow! What a fantastic post. Great pics, great descriptions; love that baby looking for the cracker! I wish Maillani (or heck even Connor probably would have been up for it) would have been here so we could have dressed up and participated with you. I was thrilled to be the Rosie Express, though, and even more thrilled to have shared some much needed FawFaw time!

  4. Wonderful photos from this cool event! So awesome that you got to be part of it. As you saw from blogger Petite Plus Meow a few of us were involved in our own Rosie rally as well. Good job everyone involved!

    Great post 🙂


    • Thanks, Liz – I was happy to be a part of it and delighted that you participate with your satellite event. I would have been especially delighted to stop for ice cream on Saturday!

  5. rochelle fitzpatrick

    Incredibly crafty person!! You have an absolute gift! I browsed your blog starting with your vellum peacock. I’m off to find some gold stickers and start my Christmas now!! Thank you for sharing! You’re an inspiration!!

    • Thanks so much, Rochelle! I’ve been neglecting my blog lately, but it’s great to be reminded people are still looking at it. Thank you. I’m delighted you’ve been inspired and hope you’ll share some of your creations.

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