Fluttering Hearts Valentine Card

This is an easy Valentine card that looks great. It is another idea from Pinterest and I’d planned on giving sewing another try.  I don’t sew.  I’m not really good with machines.  The card that I have adapted this from used a sewing machine and I liked it enough to try it.  But when my mom’s machine was on the fritz I decided it was a message that I should stick with my non-sewing craft-style.  So I used a stapler instead!

If you are not sew-phobic you might want to see how Ashley at The Creative Place does it.  Or just take a peek at her site anyway because she’s got loads of cute and creative projects.

I’m delighted with how this came out.  I’ve done other cards with rows of small circles or squares but stapling a second heart on top of each heart glued to the card and bending it upwards (like the wings of a butterfly about to fly away) gives a new, dimensional look to the design.

Fluttering Hearts Valentine Card


(Sorry, I was still planning on sewing – stapler not pictured)

Patterned Paper

Heart Punch (mine is from Martha Stewart and is 1 inch by 1 1/8 inches)

White and Red (or other solid color) Card Stock (yeah, I forgot the red paper in the picture too )

Paper Trimmer or Scissors

Adhesive (I use Tombo Mono double-sided adhesive)

Stapler and Staples


Punch 24 hearts from the patterned paper, 2 each of 12 different designs.

Cut a 4 inch by 5 inch piece of white card stock.

Cut an 8.5 by 5.5 inch piece of red (or other color) card stock, score at 4.25 inches and fold into a card.  This is half a sheet of 8.5 x 11 inch card stock.

Arrange 12 of the different-patterned hearts on the white card front.  Adhere the hearts.

Fold the remaining 12 hearts in half.

Staple each heart on top of it’s matching heart on the white card front.

Adhere the card front to the red card stock

Sign the back of the card.  Admire your lovely creation.  Share it with someone you love.

I tried this design out with a larger heart punch, about 1.75 inches across at the widest part.  It uses 6 double hearts with the card oriented landscape instead of portrait. I should have cut the white card front slightly wider and slightly shorter.  It takes two staples for each heart and I think the smaller hearts make a sweeter card, but this still works.

Thank you for your visit.  Please let me know if you try out this card – I’d love to see what your Fluttering Hearts Card looks like.


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4 responses to “Fluttering Hearts Valentine Card

  1. Great card and a nice simple idea. I often use staples on cards. You can even get the multicoloured ones and make it an actual feature. Either way, your cards look great! 🙂

    • Violetannnie – I’ve seen colored staples but never bought them. They would look more intentional but I’m happy with these. Plus, I didn’t have to sew. Thanks for the comment.

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