Mother’s Day Hat Card

Some occasions just cry out for a flower-covered hat.  A garden party, for example, or the Kentucky Derby. And of course the Royal Wedding.  You can probably guess what my inspiration was for this beautiful Mother’s Day card in the shape of a hat adorned with paper roses and ribbons.

I knew I wanted to use flowers for my Mother’s Day card so I was delighted when I saw these swirled paper roses created by Gladys Chia.  Her site is loaded with cards and ideas and worth a visit.  One note: the roses add a lot of dimension to the card so it won’t fit in a flat envelope.

You can download the template for the hat or you can make a few of these roses to add to another card.  They’re not hard to make but take a little patience. You may want to make the hat card and add your own decorations – a paper milliner.

Swirled Paper Roses


card stock paper circles about 2 3/4″  to 3 1/2″  in diameter. You can trace a jar lid or ribbon spool or use circles on the hat template.


craft tweezers

round toothpick

glue dots I used the 3/8 inch Zots medium clear adhesive dots


(Theme music for this step: Paper Roses)

Trace and cut out circles – I made 7 roses in two sizes and several colors.

Cut each circle into a spiral.

Trim off any angles that may result from cutting the spiral.

Starting from the outside of the spiral, roll the paper up into a rosette.  I start by rolling around a toothpick and you can roll the whole rose this way, but I found it easiest if, once it was started, I pulled out the toothpick and used my craft tweezers to continue holding the spiraled-center and rolling until it is done.

Press the finished rose onto a glue dot. Continue until you have as many roses as you want for the project.



scraps of green card stock


pinking shears and/or scalloped edge scissors (optional)

oval punches  with plain or scalloped edges Mine are from Stampin’ Up!

foam pad or other soft surface (several layers of folded paper towel will work)

table knife

bone folder


green ink pad


Punch ovals or cut leaf shapes using plain or decorative edge scissors from green card stock.

Place paper shape on foam pad, and use the rounded end of the handle of a table knife to rub the leaf, pressing it into a curved shape.

With the leaf still on the soft surface, use the point of bone folder to score a line down the length of each shape and add angled lines to form the veins on the leaf.

Turn the leaf over and gently sponge green ink over the surface, making raised lines more visible.

Other options for leaves: Stamp leaf images onto green paper and cut out.  Add dimension by shaping with table knife handle on foam pad as above.  Cut out leaf images from printed paper, shape as above.

Now you’ve made the roses, you’ve created leaves, it’s time to put them all together in the hat card!

Hat Card


pale yellow card stock, 7 1/4” x 6 1/2”

apricot card stock, 2” x 7 1/4”

ribbon I used green grosgrain for the hat band with a pink gingham bow and sheer white organdy streamers

swirled paper roses

paper leaves


adhesive gems and pearls (optional)

rubber stamp greeting and ink (optional)


pop-up adhesive dots

adhesive (I use Tombow double sided adhesive)


Download and print out template and cut out pattern pieces.

Score and fold the yellow card stock the long way to form a narrow rectangle and put the top edge of the pattern on the page at the fold as indicated. Trace and cut out hat. Be sure not to cut at the fold or you’ll have two hat shapes!

Trace and cut out accent piece from apricot card stock.

Adhere the apricot piece along the front edge of the hat card.  If necessary, trim edge of yellow hat that may show below accent piece.

Adhere a piece of green ribbon as a hat band.

Adhere a piece of sheer white organdy ribbon folded in half to hang down as streamers.

Tie the pink gingham ribbon in a floppy bow and adhere over the white ribbon, again leaving long ends for streamers.

Using adhesive pop-up dots, adhere some green leaves.

Adhere roses, building up a cluster.  Start with larger roses and fill in with smaller roses around them.

Add an additional leaf or two if desired.

Add accents of adhesive gems and pearls to the roses and the hat.

Stamp your greeting inside the card, sign your name and sign the back.  Now it is ready for mom.

Hat’s off to mom’s everywhere, past and present: Happy Mother’s Day!

Thank you for stopping by.


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10 responses to “Mother’s Day Hat Card

  1. Carson

    Dianne, I absolutely love this one. The roses are beautiful, what a great trick for any project and the leaves really look authentic. Well done, your mother should be very proud!

    • I warned her that she’d get a preview of her card prior to the actual occasion but I think she was ok with it. Happy Mother’s Day to you too, my friend!

  2. Gladys

    Omg! It’s so sweet and pretty hat! Love love it! So cute! Hope your mother love it! Happy Mother’s Day! Thanks for sharing with me your beautiful work Dianne!

  3. Mom

    This is my card and I am very proud of it! Thank you, Dianne, it is beautiful and I will treasure it always.
    Love, Mom

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